Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My little athlete and daredevil...who knew?

Last Thursday was Lindy's first soccer practice. She totally exceeded my expectations. She loved wearing her pink soccer shoes and socks and listened intently to Coach Chris. Her favorite part of the practice was chasing Miss Steph around the field as she crawled around like a crab. She also loves that three of her best friends are on her team, Caden, Jack, and Izzy. She can't wait for her next practice and for Daddy to be there for her 1st game on Saturday. Her team name is Wildcats, and I think it's hilarious that she keeps referring to her team as the Kitties! They all looked so cute and did a great job...Go Wildcats!Over Labor Day weekend we went to Lake Hartwell with the Killimetts, Richardsons, Kings, Uncle Shannon, and Paul and the boys. We rented an absurdly beautiful house that was over 7500 sq ft. and equipped with pool table, air hockey, dock, paddle boat, canoe, and tons of space for the kids to run freely. Bobby and Amy also hauled their boat to the lake that we all enjoyed thoroughly. I have so many fond memories as a kid of spending weekend after weekend on our boat at the river. I loved seeing how much Lindy enjoyed spending time with her family and friends on the water. Lindy is a little timid when it comes to trying any type of somewhat dangerous activity, but this weekend she broke out of her shell. She jumped right on tube with her Dad and then again with Miss Steph and Miss Amy. She absolutely loved it! She also loved fishing with Paul and Mr. Mike and for some reason was very interested in playing with the worms. Sloany also enjoyed her first "cabin" trip. She mostly just ate and slept, but did enjoy some dock time.

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